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SEO Checker & Ranking

Monitoring is not easy especially when you're on a budget!

Usually there are many websites such as woorank, ahref, sitechecker, nibbler seo checker to check the SEO score of your website

Some of them only crawl the home page only. Some of them are not free and so Web developers will have many difficulties in checking their SEO score and detecting the places where they need to improve!

Fortunately, there are some websites that help you monitor your SEO score for free and we will give a list of the best SEO tools and SEO rankers to check your SEO performance and more!

Hopefully in the future, we can provide, SEO Tools such as Web analysis, Global Ranker, SEO score, SEO improver, Backlink checker and more for free!

You can support us by donating but, it is not required for you to donate but, tt will help us alot!

Let's get started with the list

SEO Checker & Scorer

We have a list of the best SEO tools you can use to measure your SEO score and check your performance. Woorank is free and you can check the performance of your home page as many times as possible, if you erase your cache!

Woorank is great SEO Tools and helper and it also tells you the ways to improve your SEO ranking

The improvements are very useful and helps to check if you have the basic things right. Woorank SEO checker checks for both onpage and offpage SEO and gives a score from 100

However, there is one huge disadvantage. The free version only allows you to check the SEO score or analysis for the homepage only. Don't worry! We have more websites!

Nibbler is also a good SEO ranking tool which checks whether the webpage contains the basic requirements to increase your google SEO

It's free and you can try it out as many times as possible!

There is one problem. It only crawls the first 5 Webpages of your website.

There is one more website we recommed and that is SEO Sitechecker

SEO checker is free but, you can only crawl your website every 24 hours or a day

SEO checker and ranker can crawl up to 150 webpages which is usually enough for small websites

Monitoring Web Traffic and Visitors

You need to be able to monitor your Web traffic to see if your SEO is working or not

We recommend you to use the best ever Web analytics Tool which is Google Search console and yes it's free!

Google search console is super easy and free and it will help you to monitor the number of clicks and traffic you get to your website

Also, it's advised to use Google analytics as they provide more features and information of your visitors

However, Google analytics is not that accurate in terms of traffic and they understate your traffic by alot. Still, it is a useful software and analytic tool to use and benefit

That's all! Now let's get you started with the full course on how to master SEO and get your website ranked #1

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