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Revise Zone by Wiscus is the largest learning platform which doesn't just provide a learning platform for Cambridge and GCSE subjects. We provide a learning platform for coding, web developement and SEO and many other important lessons. Revise Zone is free and always will be free! We are ranked number 1 for our accurate and precise notes and lessons! No matter what, we will always be free!

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We only use paypal as it is the most secure method of transfering funds. We always look out for our users security. If you can't donate, it is really Ok! Revise Zone is anyways a free learning platform and we really don't expect anything from our users

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We don't expect any fees from our users. However, the donations could really help us to provide more services and more resources for free! If you do want to be recognised for donating to us. Send us a mail. We will give you a shoutout through our social media!