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SEO Introduction - What is SEO?

Revise Zone is the only website / learning platform that provides free Quality SEO Tutorials and lessons!

This is not a course and you will not recieve any certificate or anything but, this is to help web developers to get a better understanding of SEO and how we can improve it

We guarantee you that by the end of this Quick and easy Tutorial, you will super optimise your website to get more visitors and potentially get ranked number 1 on search engines!

Many people say that SEO is difficult but, not entirely! This Tutorial will tell you how to increase the SEO of your website from basic to advance

We don't charge our users with any fee and so Revise Zone is strictly a free learning website

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search engine optimisation and it's like following a set of rules and techniques to help google crawlers and other bots to crawl your website easily and make it popular on search engines

Think about it! There are around 2 billion websites on the internet and Google and the other Search engines must be able to crawl every website and rank them according to their usefulness to the searcher, Think about how long it will take to sort 2 Billion Websites!

Common misunderstandings!

SEO is not the same as Global website ranking. A good Global ranking is still possible if a website is poorly optimised for SEO! However, SEO can increase your Global ranking and make your website stand out! In other words, it's like Google is telling you that there is a sneaky and awesome Hack to make your website ranked higher

A good SEO always leads to higher website ranking and more visitors and yes, more revenue!

Also, SEO doesn't happen naturally. You need to take the effort to correct or improve your website so you need to know the HTML coding of your webpage properly. If your website was created by a web developer. Don't worry! We have some ways which you can improve the google SEO without being a web developer. Go to Offpage SEO

Message from Revise Zone

SEO is a very easy topic to understand but, it is usually hard to implement the rules and improvements and see any quick improvements. Don't worry! SEO will take approximately 3 months for it to work properly but, you will see its effects in days!

Revise Zone is the 2nd Web development site that offers SEO Tutorials, A Level & GCSE Revision notes and lessons, Coding and fun Quizzes!

Moreover, our Tutorials are quite straight forward but, if you need any help, you can contact us on tutor@revisezone.com for any quick information. Don't worry it's free and we just want to help our students!

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