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HTML Tutorial - Coding & SEO Tips & Web Advice

This website will help you to learn coding and Html from basic to advance. You are currenty on the basic level.

What is HTML?

This is a html graphics banner. Easy way to learn html coding

Before you know how to code, you need to know what is HTML? HTML is a mark up language which is used for making websites but, many people think html is enough to build websites or atleast good and premium ones. This is wrong and HTML is used to create semantics to the the webpage. In order words, it defines what type of data should be displayed at a particular point of the webpage. For example, the <img> tag is used to add an image

How to run it?

How to run your simple HTML code

Just type it on the notepad and save the file as a .Html or .Htm file. Then you can open it using your browser by default. Usually it's better to use Google chrome as they have a greater set of developer's tool when designing and making websites. They also allow testing the website in different platforms and devices which is very important, if you want to optimise your webpages for different devices and screens!

How to learn?

HTML is the easiest language to learn and so we will make our notes very precise and straight to the point. It will take you only 2 days to finish learning html but, you need to practice by making your own websites.

Before you do start making your own website, Revise Zone also recommends you to learn CSS. This scripting language is essential for building website as it controls the style and appeareance of the webpage. It also allows different styles to be implemented on different devices!

So You need to learn CSS with HTML to be able to design websites!

They way we teach our coders is by setting up an example of each topic and providing the feature to the user of running the website

You can also test it for yourself by copying the code and creating your own Html file!

When you run the example you can see how the webpage is supposed to work. This gives you the feature of running the example as soon as possible for a faster and more efficient learning


As you can see, the output is quite bad as there is no design or style. We need CSS coding also to be able to style the elements or tags and Revise Zone has a seperate category for that! Don't worry it is very easy if you want to learn


Revise Zone has a dedicated chapter to teach web developers how to improve the Google SEO ranking of the website and how they can boost and get more visitors to your business/site.

Revise Zone also offers advice on how to get your website started by using the suitable web hosting site for you!

Revise Zone is the 2nd World's largest web developer site for Html with more than 100 examples and other free SEO tips and features!.

Revise Zone follows the latest HTML coding ( HTML 5 ) So we will exclude any unnecessary details and information about outdated coding

We are the best place to learn HTML coding and Web development & Design! - Our aim is to help everyone to build there own website and publish it. If you need any free personal assistance, send us a mail on tutor@revisezone.com. Don't worry it's free and we will be happy to help!

What is SEO?

What is Google SEO?

what is SEO?

After you do create your website, is that all? If you want to get more visitors you need to optimise your website to get more traffic and visitors. This is known as SEO! In order words, it like a set of rules you need to follow and we have some few easy quick tips and secrets to get you started!

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