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Revision Notes for Computer Science

How to use

There are not many computer science revision sites. So I hope this guide helps you to understand the topics fully.

Many textbooks give a large amount of information which in my opinion is quite useless. In this Guide I will explain the key topics and some questions which exams usually ask.

If you need any more help understanding the topics you can refer the end of each chapter as there are some Questions you can try and you can also watch the extra videos.

More Questions and Examples

Visit Wiscus Youtube channel as there are many examples and Questions however, Computer science isn't that hard as the questions are quite straight forward but we will discuss some hard parts.

Message from Revise Zone

Revise one is the best place to learn computer science. We just don't teach students, we make them understand the concept also. Revise Zone is ranked as the best for its amazing free revision notes and it is ranked 2nd for the largest developer site! Temporarily, most of our sections are ongoing some major improvements

With Revise Zone, you can learn and understand what the exams such as the Cambridge(9608) paper require from a student. We use mark scheme questions to model our explanation and we are recommended by many students for simple and clear explanations. We are a non-profit organization. So we provide our services for free to help students especially during the COVid-19 pandemic.

Revise Zone has also the largest reference guide for each chapter in the 9608 computer science syllabus. We are the largest learning platform and we are free and always will be!


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