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Revision Notes for Physics

How to use

I know Physics is not an easy subject to learn, but with this study guide, I hope you will be able to understand the most important things and things to expect from the exam. These notes are very concise and straightforward.

If you still need more understanding of the concepts, I have recommended at the end of each page a set of concise and straightforward videos on my Youtube channel MrWik. However, these notes are straight to the point and require you to already have an understanding of the concepts.

Examples and Questions

Practice is the key to success, so we need to try out some past papers!

Revisezone provides some to do questions for the hardest chapters. Also, you can go to the Examples and Questions page to view examples and worksheets for each chapter.

Message from Revise Zone

Revise Zone covers each physics topic/chapter in-depth and it is very accurate and precise. Revise Zone is recommended by Cambridge for it's precise and accurate physics lessons and revision notes for physics.

Revise Zone covers all the topics from the Cambridge AS levels and is expecting to soon release the Alevels sections very fast. These notes of physics are very suitable for Cambridge O levels and GCSE however, some topics and pastpaer questions may not be part of the GCSE syllabus. These notes are spot-on for Physics 9702 syllabus but students who are doing the OCR and AQA syllabus can still take advantage of this amazing free site.

Revise Zone has the largest reference for the Cambridge syllabus indexing the keywords and topics ( for example Newton's first law and 2nd law and more ) in a separate referential chapter. This way students can find the key topics and definitions in a few clicks. It's that simple!

Amazingly, we are working on the topic past paper questions for each chapter so you can revise and get full marks for your exams. This section is still ongoing and we will be able to host a large database of 9702 pastpaper questions and examples for free. Many websites such as savemyexams.co.uk and physicsandmathstutor.com are very good. However, their notes for physics are very general and less in-depth(not up to exam standards) and some of them are not for free. In time we are expecting to build the best, ultimate, accurate, precise, and worldwide learning platform for students teachers schools( pretty much everyone) for free. And we just don't want to focus on school subjects. We are hoping to advance to university questions and examples and even many other important courses such as programming and coding.

For now, we hope you do enjoy this revision guide. It's free and always will be!


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