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Revision Notes for Chemistry


Chemistry is a very famous subject among students and there are many resources on the web that are extremely useful for revising and we do recommend some other websites for Chemistry. Chemguide is an excellent guide to learn advance chemistry which is beyond the scope of the syllabus but, here on Revise Zone we stick to the Syllabus and discuss the main topics and key definitions. This Revision guide for Chemistry will specifically cover the Cambridge Syllabus but, other students can also use this to understand key topics and definitions. For more practice, try out our large collection of topic past papers

Examples and Questions

Practice is the key to success, so we need to try out some past papers!

Revisezone provides some to do questions for the hardest chapters. Also, you can go to the Examples and Questions page to view examples and worksheets for each chapter.

Message from Revise Zone

This guide currently only covers the Chemistry AS level and it contains very specific and accurate revision notes

Revise Zone is free and always will be. You can try out the collection of past papers for each topic and also look at some extra notes and examples for each topic

You also can access the reference guide which holds a list of key definitions and topics for the Chemistry Syllabus

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