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HTML Audio Tags & Elements

Webpages could also contain sound elements which are able to be play music or any sound from your server. It is very simple and makes your website much more advanced and cooler. However, video and audio do take up a lot of storage and bandwidth so always use these elements wisely.

The most famous audio type is mp3,wav and ogg. But always use mp3!

We use the the audio tag which is used to showcase the audio element on the webpage

The audio element can take some attributes which are used to switch on a particular option

Controls - to switch on the controls option(be able to increase volume or mute)

Autoplay - to play it as soon as the page loads

Loop - to loop the audio

Muted - by default the audio is muted

Src - when you don't need backups, we don't use the source tags so we just use the src

What we write with in the audio tags is the text to be displayed when the audio fails to load

Here is an of an audio!


The above audio is styled. This really makes website much better especially when the website is an audio or a media based website

We will see in the next chapter on video tags

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