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HTML File Paths & Urls

We have used addresses such as url to load images on our HTML document

However, we can load images or files in the same computer or server

There are 4 ways we can do this so we will discuss them in depth

Absolute address

The most common and poor method used to define the location of a file. This includes the urls which can be copied accross the internet

Here is an example of an image url - https://cdn3.iconfinder.com/data/icons/free-social-icons/67/facebook_circle_black-512.png

This a more advanced version of an absolute address. The domain acts as the server name and the / is used to show the subfolder which are stored o the server or domain name iconfinder

We can also do this for images in our computers

However, we need to know where the image is located in our computers

Go to properties of an image

Now as you can the image is under the a particular drive and under some sub folders

The complete absolute address will be → The address in properties + the image name & type


This is a simple address and it could be applied for almost any type of file. We just need to change the file type

The great thing about this method is that the webpage or the html document and the files can be at any place, far away. There does not require to be a link between them

The same principle works for url of files over the internet which are either stored in your webserver or other people webservers. However, it startes with https://domain.com/ always

Note a subdomain is also considered as a domain name

Relative addresses

Revise Zone always recommends you to use relative addressing as it works in almost all situations

If the Html document and the file was in the same level or folder like the one below

absolute address of urls

The address will be just the image name and the type

Like this

<img src="homepage.jpg">

If the file is one level above from the Html Document. The Html webpage is inside the webpages folder

relative address urls

Then we write the address like this

<img src="../homepage.jpg">

If it is two levels above we do this and so on

<img src="../../homepage.jpg">

But what if the file was inside a folder

relative address urls

As you can the image is now inside the folder. In this case the HTML webpage becomes the base

<img src="Webpages/homepage.jpg">

This is very simple and this uses the idea that all other files are relative/ offset values from the HTML webpage

There is another way, which Revise Zone doesn't recommend students to use. This is very similar to absolute addresses however, we need to use a base element under the head element of a HTMl webpage. It makes it very complicating so we recommend to stick to relative addressing

You may have seen this kind of address


Don't use this method. The HTML document must define a base address for this

No coding site usually explains this method but we will discuss it briefly.


Its useful when you want to shorten the absolute address but, all links have the same base address so for this reason we dont use it. Except, when we know the base address will not change such as the domain name!

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