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HTML vs CSS - Web Design

We have seen how to implement style within the HTML document

But what if we want to link a html document to the CSS(cascading stylesheet) file.

This means the styling of the webpage happens outside the HTML document

We need to use the <link> element.

The <link> element is placed inside the head element of the html document and like the name states it is used to link other files

We will see the syntax of this

<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="css/text"

The type is not required anymore

It is like an image or a url where the CSS file is accessed


If you want to view the CSS just click here

See how with just a few lines of code you can make something awesome

CSS and HTML are indeed very beautiful scripting lanaguages

Style tag/element

Same way as the CSS file we could contain it with in the HTML document. There are reasons for these but for most of our examples we will be using this way or the inline style


This is the same as before however the CSS langauage is with in the HTML documents. All you need to know is that there are 3 ways of entering CSS to a html document

For now your webpages will look ugly especially without knowing CSS, however you need to know to code HTML to be able to enter data to your webpage

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