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HTML Headings & Paragraphs

We have discussed before the 6 types of headings and how to add a paragraph.

The heading tag in html are the most important tags and are very important for seo

This chapter will discuss the great importance of heading and paragraphs to search engines and Google SEO/serp

Importance of Heading to SEO

We will see the 6 types of heading again


We will be focused on the <h1> tag rather than the other headings

The <h1> is the most important and valuable tag in the HTML language. Why? This heading describes the whole content or webpage to the SEO and also the user

So your <h1> heading must have the main keywords of your html document. Keywords are words which the Google search engines and SEO highlights as important words on your webpage

There should be only one <h1> tag on your webpage. This is a requirement or else the Google SEO will get confused

Do not replace paragraphs with headings by increasing the size. This is known as a very stupid move. Always use the heading elements as this enalbes the Google SEO and search engines to crawl your website easily

This is a mistake which alot of people do. If you want to do this just design the headings itself

Importance of paragraphs to SEO

Paragraphs are what give content to the webpage. More paragraphs means more words which the Google SEO can crawl and highlight as keywords. Make sure the paragraph has good choice of keywords. Never over do the keywords. Why? The Google SEO algorithm is very clever and can detect large number of unrelated keywords as spams. So avoid this

Revise Zone gives a large variety of SEO tips for free. If you need to know more. Go to our SEO chapter to know more. This chapter will be continously improved

Preformatted text

If you want to display text in the form which it is type in then we need to use the <pre> tag

Lets see an example


It follows the same pattern as it is typed on the HTML document

This is very useful especially when writing codes where indentations and spaces are needed to be displayed

The <pre> has its own default size and font which can be changed using CSS

And No Revise Zone is not sponsored by Mr Beast. I just think he is awesome

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