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HTML Head | Title & Meta Tags - SEO Tips

The Html head and title elements are one of the most important elements in webpages and design

This is also the tags which the Google SEO and search engines focus on the most

Usually poor metatags will have a poor ranking on Google. Don't worry, we have a seperate chapter at the end for Google SEO and rankings

The HTML Head Element

The <head> element is used to hold the metadata of a html document. It is also the place where we define the style any scripting(optional) or any links to other files such as CSS files

We will see some of the elements with in the head tag but, most of them we have discussed

Style element/tag

We have seen that there are 3 ways to implement style on the webpages. This is called internal style and it is better than using the inline style becacause inline style slows down the loading of the webpages and can damage your Google seo and ranking due to poor page speeds

If you want to know about this go to our HTML-CSS section

HTML Script tag or element

The Script tag is used to include javascript codes. Revise Zone still doesn't provide tutorials on how to code javascript but we will

HTML Title tags or elements

Used to define the title of the webpage or the name to be appeared on Google search. This is a very very important SEO ranking factor which can instantly boost your Google ranking by using the right keywords

HTML Link tag or element

We have seen how to use this! This tag is used to link any external files to the html webpage

Here is an example

<link rel="stylesheet" href="Styles.css">

If you want to know more about this go to our HTML-CSS section

We will give another way to use the link element, which every designer or web developer must know. How to put a favicon or icon to your website

<link rel="shortcut icon" "type="x-icon/images" href="faviconimage.png">

This makes your website much cooler!

The Meta Tags or elements

When used right, the Google SEO rank will be very high

The general syntax for the meta tag is given below

<meta name="Specific values" content=" Content">

The name attribute can only take up specific values and the content attribute is used to explain or give information for the that specific values

These are the values the name can take

keywords - used to highlight keywords of the webpage

viewport - used to define the size of the webpage when looked through a screen

author - used to deine the creator of the website

description - used to describe the webpage in detail. It is the description which search engines use when indexing a website

We will now see how they are used

Never overload or misuse this section! If the keywords section is misused Google will ignore it when ranking your website because they consider it as spam! So always use good keywords which are inside your webpage.

But some people manipulate the content of the webpage so that they just could get a googd SEO ranking. This is bad especially when you want RETURNING vistors to your website. More will be discussed under the Google SEO chapter

Charset → Utf - 8 or Utf - 7?

The meta tag can also take the charset attribute as the below example

This defines the encoding type used to represent numbers and text. This is very useful when you want to represent HTML entities and symbols and emojis using unicode. This part will be discussed in the advance section

If you want to decide which one to use utf - 8 or utf -7 you need to understand what it means. This is covered in depth in the computer science revision notes but we will explain it briefly.

The utf - x describes how many bits the computer handles as one unit. This is especially used when transmitting the unicode

Always use utf - 8 as most browser support it and it is much faster

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