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HTML Blockquote & Quotations


The <blockquote> element is used to enter a quote which is from a different website

An example is this


The cite attribute is used to state from which website the quote is taken

The cite attribute has no real purpose but to avoid any uneccessary plagiarisms

The <blockquote> has it own default text indentation which can be changed using CSS styling

Normal Quotations

If we want to just include a quotation without citing it to another website, we could use the <q> element to display short quotes


Again these elements are very similar to paragraphs but we write them to give meaning and structure to our webpages

Captions and Images

If we want to add additional information to an image we could use the <figcaption> element which acts as a caption to an image(or for anything such as tables,graphs or more).

Usually the <figcaption> tag is used with in the <figure element.

The <figure> tag is used to group related data together

Lets see an example below:


As you can see the <figure> element groups the figcaption and the image together. In practice we use them together. However, if you want you can exclude the <figure> element

Revise Zone does not recommend you to exclude the figcaption as the webpage might not group the information together automatically

The <cite> element

The cite tag is also used with the figcaption. It is used to give a title for an image or something

An example would be

<figcaption><cite>Alert</cite> - Go subscribe to RHC</figcaption>

The cite tag is used to highlight an important word(title) of a figcaption or a paragraph

Here is an example


The title or the keyword of the paragraph or caption is in italics

The cite tag and the cite attribute are two different things. They are no means related

Abbreviation tag and Address tag

The <abbr> tag has a very low impact on Google SEO, however, it is still used

It is used to highlight abbreviated words such as the WHO organisation


The <abbr> makes no visible change to the HTML document to the user. However, it gives more information to the Search engines and Google SEO

In order words, this higlights keywords

The <address> is highly outdated and not used nowadays

However, we will still discuss how it is used and for what purposes

The address tag is used to display addresses on the webpage in italics form

Here is an example


The above on is a joke....Also ignore the style, i just put it there to emphasis the truth...

The bi-directional overide

This element is quite interesting and also difficult to understand

For example if i want to reverse a word or a paragraph completely i can use the <bdo> tag

However we need to use the dir attribute to define the direction


The dir attribute stands for direction which defines from where to where the text should be arranges (rtl - means right to left)

The same can be achived in CSS styling however it's a bit complicated so the BDO is the best option to use

Also there is another tag called the <bdi> which has an entirely different purpose

Bi directional Isolation

The <bdi> element is used to isolate words from a paragraph(by increasing the spaces inbetween)

Here is an example


There is actually no real difference for BDI from normal text and so it is not usually used nowadays

Revise Zone has shown you the difference between BDO and BDI as these are some basics which early learners don't understand

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