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HTML Youtube - Embed your Youtube videos

We will talk in this chapter how to simply embed your Youtube videos or other peoples Youtube videos on your website

Youtube makes it very easy to embed videos!

If you go to a Youtube video which you want to embed you can right click and get a set of options

Click - Get embedded code

Youtube makes it easy for you to showcase your videos all around the web and by getting your embedded code you can simply paste the code onto your website. No coding required.

This is a example which when I copy paste a embedded code of my favorite web hosting site Youtube video!

This was the code when i pasted it

You can even try it out here! Just right click and copy embedded code!

You can use CSS style to define the dimension of this Youtube iframe

Why don't normal iframes work?

If you try to code a normal iframe and link the iframe to the video url. It won't work. This is because Youtube has blocked iframe accessibility except embedded code iframes

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Good News! We have successfully finished HTML normal level. Let us jump the HTML advance.

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