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HTML Videos - SEO & Traffic Booster!

A tip for Google SEO

Html can also display videos from your system using html coding. Videos take alot of bandwith but, it's a powerful tool to attract visitors. The most powerful media companys Youtube,Vimeo, bilibili (also my favorites) uses a large scales of video elements

In terms of SEO ranking, videos don't just boost them but they also attract alot of visitors. But there is some problems which can damage your Google SEO ranking

As videos can slow down the loading of a website we advise only powerful server websites use videos or else the Google will rank your website hight. Never use this tags if you are using shared hosting or baby plans

HTML Video Element

The Video tag is almost the same as the audio tag for HTML. Instead, we use the <video> tag and the file types should be different

The most famous video types are mp4 and ogg.

The video tag can take the same attributes as the audio tag but some extra ones also

Controls - to switch on the controls option(be able to increase volume or mute)

Autoplay - to play it as soon as the page loads

Loop - to loop the video

Muted - by default the video is muted

Src - when you don't need backups, we don't use the source tags so we just use the src

The poster attribute is used to link an image which acts a thumbnail for the video

We will now see an example of this


We have purposely removed the autoplay attribute to show you the effects of the poster attribute

CSS Video styling

The video tag is a block element. So you need to define the size of the video element using CSS

You can add a border or outline to the HTML video tag using CSS styling also!

By default the video elements have a default style which can be changed using CSS styling

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