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HTML Images - src & alt attributes

This is an image!

An example of an html image

How Images Affect SEO

Images have a huge impact on your Google search ranking and SEO. We need to use the alt ranking incase if the image fails to load and to boost Google SEO


Image Dimensions

By default the image is an inline elements. So it acts like a text

In order to define it's size we can either use CSS style or the width an the height attributes

We will use the same example as above

Revise Zone always recommends to use CSS style rather than the width and height attributes

URL of an image

Wondered what is the Url of an image. The image url can be copied from anywhere on the internet. Just right click an image an copy the url address

To access images on your own computer or server, we will discuss it later

Images as links

We have seen the examples that images could also be links

Click the image to be redirected to our home page

The revise zone logo and cover

Gif Images

A gif image example which moves

There are images which can move. These are called gif images which are animated

They end with the .gif extension

HTML does support gif images, however Revise Zone doesn't recommend it as it lags your website


Images could be styled using CSS to make it very beautiful and amazing. We will learn that under CSS

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